Racing towards growth… #TBT

It’s Thursday. Let’s open up the vault! It’s always fun to look back at projects from the past and I look back with pleasure at a conference I once organised at Signed By ® on behalf of Staples Europe. Who says a Throwback Thursday post has to be older than five years? The “Racing towards Growth” theme at the 2011 IAT Conference is certainly worth referencing!

Around 100 International Account Team members from Staples attended that meeting at the Crowne Plaza in Antwerp. We first gave the “Racing towards Growth” logo a refresher. This logo, along with the theme itself, was then implemented down to the smallest detail. Upon arrival, the Staples employees passed the checkered flag and were welcomed with colourful flower arrangements that included thematic items. During breaks, those present could also chill out a bit or challenge each other to races in one of the three race simulators we provided. And these are just a few examples of the resources we used to support the conference. But I guarantee you that the overall picture was complete!

The tight organisation prior to and during the conference also allowed the client, conference visitors and me to reflect back on a successful meeting. A meeting whose follow-up in 2013, with another theme and with a slightly different character, was also a success at the Crowne Plaza in Brugge!

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